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More moments to connect and share together

Side activities

You will find here the details for all the side activities of the festival for more fun &  historical/cultural appreciation. 

Musical Talk with JP Mano and Marie NDiaye

Jazz dances are black african american dances. Dancing Lindy Hop is also about knowing more about the Jazz culture, jazz music and dances that came from it.
Join JP and Marie for an "about 1h" cultural & musical talk on friday night at 8pm, right before the party starts! 

These two are so knowledgable, don't miss this opportunity !

🕘 Friday 8pm - 9pm
📍 la Chesnaie du Roy (friday night party)


🎟 Free - included in the party entrance ticket (included in Full, Party Passes and single party ticket (if sold)

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Exclusive tour of Paris

From the Latin quarter to Saint Germain des Prés, join this special tour to discover the historic places of the city linked to black art history.  

Learn about the hidden colonial history of Paris and the influence of african american expatriates on our town !

Thanks to "Le Paris Noir" you will have a guiding tour focused around the Jazz era.

🕘 Sunday : 1pm to 3pm

📍 Meeting point : to be announced
✍️ Registration needed, limited spots available
🎟 20 to 25 euros per person (depending on how many people participate)
Open to  everyone, participating at the festival or not !

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