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Next edition 16th - 18th of February 2024

The infos below are for 2023, but you can already save the date for 2024 ! Infos about artists and details will come soon !

Lindy Hop teachers main track

International teachers of this 2023 edition

Ancre 1

Jazz-related dances teachers

 Dances connected to the Lindyhop main track, taught by 2 teachers.

One Swing Dance teacher in collaboration with : 

Didier Firmin_edited.jpg


With Roxane Butterfly


With RickySoul


With Sep Vermeersch




Please, make sure to read carefully the level descriptions before registrating

Level 1 - beginner-intermediate

You’ve been dancing Lindy Hop since September 2022.
Moves to be comfortable with : Basics 6 counts moves with triple steps (such as tuck turn), swing out and circle, basic couple Charleston steps (including hand to hand, kick through etc.)
IMPORTANT : This level isn’t for complete beginners - you have to be in regular weekly classes for a few months to be able to attend.

Level 2 - intermediate

You started dancing Lindy Hop in September 2021, or during the 2020/2021 season. You have been back to dancing regularly since September 2022 at least. You have experience in social dancing.

In addition to being able to socially dance the movements below, mixing the 2 structures (6 and 8 counts) is easy for you now.
Moves to be comfortable with : Basic 6 counts and 8 counts, such as swing out, circle, basic couple Charleston step, notions of tandem and hand to hand Charleston.

Level 3 - advanced

You’ve been dancing for more than 3 years, and have attended a few dances events already. You practice regularly and you go out social dancing on a weekly basis. You can mix easily Lindy hop and Charleston moves, and you're comfortable on slow to mid fast tempos.

Level 4 - advanced +

You’ve been dancing for 4 to 5 years minimum, and frequently go out dancing. For this track you must be comfortable on all tempos, from very slow to fast, and be an experienced social dancer.
You’re familiar with international workshops, in which you are most of the time placed in the highest levels.

You might be teaching locally or nationally.


Please try to register in the appropriate level, fitting those descriptions. There will be interesting material to work with at every level.
If you are too advanced for the level you picked, the teachers will upgrade you, so don’t be afraid of underestimating yourself! 


The festival will host FOUR parties with Djs, live bands and a lot surprises! 🔥


This year, the festival will host 4 differents competitions, open to all levels.
Please take the time to read all the details before register  :-)


Side activities

To make your experience more social, fun & meaningful, severals side activites will be organized  :-) 

Some are free, some are with an extra fee, some need registration and some don't - please have a closer look to see what are the conditions for each.

Must Read

Lindylicious, and more extensively all Shake That Swing events, are meant to be safe and accepting spaces, regardless of gender, age, sex orientation, ability, physical appearance, race or religion. Any kind of harassment won’t be tolerated. Please report any incident that happened to you or that you witness to a member of staff.

At the Lindylicious festival we acknowledge that Lindy hop is an afro-descendant art form. We select teachers that are sensitive to respect the black culture of the dance, and we want to create a comprehensive environment around the continuum of the black dances and black culture, between the swing era and today.

We will follow any anti-COVID measure that will be applied at the time of the festival.

Prices & Registration

Registration will open on January 18th at 7pm (UTC+1)
(January 15th for Shake that Swing Students)

Due to the COVID pandemic, if we have to cancel the whole event, you will be able to choose if you want to be refunded completely or if you are willing to let a bit of your registration to the association, in order to cover the non refundable costs. If the festival is able to happen for classes only, you will be refunded for the part of the pass covering the parties (in that case, a full refund won't be possible).

195 €

Full Pass
Special discount (STS students)

9h of classes - Saturday, Sunday & Monday
4 Parties

220 €

Full Pass

9h of classes - Saturday, Sunday & Monday
4 Parties

78 €

Party Pass

3 parties (sat, sun, mon)*
Garranted access to saturday and sunday parties**

*Friday party ticket will be sold separately

**depending on how many tickets sell, these parties might be only accessible through the full & party passes

Practical infos

Classes will be held in the very center of Paris, at "Le Carreau du Temple".
Saturday, Sunday AND Monday included!
You can visit, get some nice food, have a coffee... in between your classes.

You'll also find informations about accomodation here.

Let's Connect
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Lindylicious is a festival organized by Shake that Swing
To know more about our activities, click here.

©2022 LindyLicious

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