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Finalists will be announced on Facebook, in the event :

Participation is 5 euros per person to enter the contest (to be paid cash, just before prelims).

Thanks for sharing your dance, and good luck to all ! 🙌

  📩 If you have any questions you can ask at :   📩


Mix and Match

Mix and Match is the most social competition of lindy hop !  🤗

The competition will happen on saturday, march 19th 2022

- Prelims will be hosted at 5.45 pm in the room "Gymnasium" of Carreau du Temple (2 rue perrée, Paris 3ème), after classes.
- Finals will be hosted at the Pavillon le Chesnaie du Roy (102 route de la Pyramide, 75012 Paris) during the party.

🎟  5 euros per person to enter the contest (paid at the event)

For any questions :  📩


Short Showcase

Short showcases is a big part of the history of the Lindylicious festival ! 🤗

The competition will be hosted on sunday, march 20th 2022 at the Chalet du Lac (exact time to be determined).

- Duration of songs (and numbers) is between 30 seconds and one minute
- Spots are limited, so if you register, please commit to perform at the event
- 1 to 10 dancers max per number
- All dances are allowed to enter the competition as long as their are danced to swing music

🎟  5 euros per person to enter the contest (paid at the event)

🎶 Musics must be sent by email at 📩, maximum 10 days before the event.
IMPORTANT : Music must be already edited when sent, as the DJ won't be responsible for fading out the music at the event.

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